About National Coal

We have been sourcing, packing and delivering best quality house coal and smokeless fuels throughout the realms of Great Britain since 1999. During this time we have constantly strive to improve our methods and give better value in terms of our products, whilst also keeping a keen eye on our very high standards of customer service.

We pride ourselves on the fact that wherever humanly possible we only sell UK-mined coal.

Our deliveries are made either with our own purpose-built fleet of delivery vehicles, or alternatively with outside couriers. All our coal (with the exception of large lumps) is delivered in pre-packed 25 kg bags, palleted and wrapped. We will deliver your product as close to your property as is reasonably possible, but please be aware that if it is not possible for our delivery vehicle to enter your property, then deliveries will be made “kerbside”. You should also be aware that when your delivery is being delivered by a third party courier, it is not the courier’s responsibility to store your product for you, and you should therefore have adequate labor available to transport your product from the point of delivery to the point of storage.

We also do a large selection of firewood and logs which is Net wrapped on a pallet.


We will advise you at time of ordering as to whether your product will be delivered by one of our own drivers, or a third party courier.