Questions and Answers

Q: Can I burn house coal in a smokeless area?
A: No you cannot (you should try a smokeless alternative e.g. Mixed Ovoids).

Q: Can I burn anthracite on an open fire?
A: Definitely not, this is only suitable for closed appliances.

Q: How much is delivery?
A: Delivery is free to most UK mainland locations, please call for details.

Q: How long does 1 tonne of coal last?
A: It is impossible to answer this question as there are so many factors involved; such as the type of fire you have, the height and diameter of your chimney or flue, how warm you like your house to be and so on. The most common answer I give to this question is: a tonne of coal will last a lifetime – if you don’t set fire to it!

Q: How often does my chimney need to be swept when burning coal?
A: It really does depend on how often you burn coal, and how much coal you burn. Ideally a chimney should be swept every six months, but in reality provided you sweep your chimney at least once a year, you should not run into any serious problems.

Q: Are your coal bags recyclable?
A: Yes they are.

Q: How long will delivery take?
A: Normally not longer than 3 working days from the time of ordering.

Q: What is Anthracite?
A: Anthracite is a form of mineral coal that is almost purely carbon – and is therefore smokeless. For more information see Wikipedia.